Over 30 years, a diverse number of students and professionals from all over the world have joined the American Academy of English. A majority of our students have chosen to travel from afar to participate in our program as a result of student recommendations. Whether students are looking to improve their conversational English or seek to attain a Master’s degree from a U.S. university, many have made the right choice to enroll at the Academy. Current and former AAE students have shared their success stories and praises alike.



“Individual approach and attentiveness to students is what makes AAE unique.”

Varvara K. | Russia, UC Hastings Law Student


“My experience at AAE has been amazing! I have considerably improved my English, thanks to Bita. She is a special teacher who makes each lesson amusing and easy to follow, even if it is Monday morning. We have had many awesome activities such as a trip to United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Also, I have met many interesting people and friends from around the world. I really enjoy the time at AAE. I would like to thank the administration for their support and excellent service. I would recommend AAE to anyone who is seeking English courses with high quality and affordable price.”

Akbota A. | Kazakhstan, UC Berkeley Graduate Student


“In my opinion, AAE offers a hands-on experience and a very good approach to help people from all around the world get familiar with the language’s basic as well as complex principles. But what makes it unique as a school is the friendly and helpful staff and the way the teachers help students get past the language barrier by providing well targeted methods and tending to our specific requirements and goals. I can only attest that any student that reaches the advanced program will benefit greatly and become very well educated in American culture, English vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation with top-notch teaching methods.”

Bilel B. | Tunisia, San Francisco State University Graduate Student


“I was a bit worried about the information on the web as it is sometimes not accurate, but surprisingly, Bali (AAE instructor) and her skill were even better than I had expected. I was amazed by her quick, sincere and precise responses when students ask her questions. The materials she prepared were greatly informative and carefully arranged. Further, we always felt comfortable having time in her class because of her warm personality. In fact, when some Japanese asks me which ESL school to go to, I always recommend him that he go to your school to take Bali’s lesson.”

Toshinori | Japan, Ministry of Education of Japan


“AAE’s classroom is the most diversified one I have ever been to. In addition, they have an impeccable army of instructors. I was with one of their star teachers, my favorite, Bali for over a year. Her curriculum made me study like a hungry sponge both linguistically and culturally. It is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. And of course, with the hard study, I scored 102 on the TOEFL iBT.”

Shen H. | China, Rutgers University Student


“I’ve never thought that my decision to study at American Academy of English (AAE) was a wrong one. My English has improved since I entered this school and it is getting better. Teachers are professional. They have excellent teaching skills. I feel that English is not boring anymore. I am now confident in speaking, reading, listening and writing in English.”

Palongpon S. | Thailand, North Seattle Community College Student


“I learned a lot of things, met really nice people and had really good teachers. I didn’t expect that I can make it and get my TOEFL score in a short period. I really do like this school. What makes AAE unique is the price, good education program, good teachers and good location of the school.”

Hassna A. | Morocco, City College of San Francisco Student


“They are very kind and helpful with everything we need. The teachers are very smart and efficient. I definitely learned English from the best. Thank you guys for all the support and help. I will miss you guys!”

Isabella B. | Brazil, Santa Monica College Student


“AAE is more than a school, we feel like we are a family. Everyone is professional and smart. I do recommend this school for everyone. I spent the seven best months of my life in this school surrounded by a good staff and international students.  AAE is a good deal to learn English because it’s not as expensive as the other schools, additional to that, everyone is professional. Our teacher (Gray) was the best teacher I’ve had in my life. Special thanks to Henry, Carina, Nicky and Aya (the administrative staff).”

Hassen E. | Tunisia



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